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These term sheets have been prepared by the AIEN Hydrogen Taskforce. There are 13 term sheets in total and a hydrogen contracts mapping diagram, including:

- Battery Storage Offtake Agreement
- Distribution Agreement
- Engineering Procurement and Construction Agreement
- Feedstock Supply Agreement
- Hydrogen Sales and Offtake Agreement
- Interconnection Agreement
- Joint Development and Operating Agreement
- Oxygen Offtake Agreement
- Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement
- Shipping Agreement
- Tolling Agreement for Hydrogen and Derivatives
- Transportation Agreement
- Water Supply Agreement

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Product #H2TFTERM

The study analyses the development and use of hydrogen and the concomitant need for CCUS to provide low-carbon energy sources. In undertaking the analysis, this study critically examines the legal and policy challenges, as well as the opportunities, the hydrocarbon industry will face as states seek to attain their goal of net-zero carbon emissions. The paper undertakes a detailed examination of what the challenges are, how they can be overcome, and the implications for the hydrocarbon industry.

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Product #RPNZE21

1 - 2 of 2 results