How do I become a member of AIEN?

AIEN offers three types of memberships: Active, NOC and Student. Active Membership is open to individuals who are engaged in or actively seeking participation in international negotiations of hydrocarbons. Student Membership is open to individuals enrolled in a college or university of higher learning. References are needed from Active or NOC members of AIEN.

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How do I get references?

Attending regional chapter events and main AIEN conferences is a great way to meet references. All applicants need one Active or NOC member (must be current members) reference in order to complete the application process. If you do not know any current members of AIEN and cannot attend any regional events, please contact membership@aien.org to have the membership committee help you find a reference.

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I have applied for membership online. How long before my membership application is approved? How do I get a receipt for my membership payment?

Once your application is received in its entirety, and once AIEN receives confirmation from your reference, your application will be submitted to the AIEN Board of Directors at the next Board meeting or executive committee meeting. Student members must send a student letter of enrollment from their university or school before their application will be submitted. The whole process takes around 4 to 6 weeks.

A receipt/confirmation will be e-mailed to you after you have applied.

I think my membership has lapsed, how do I reactivate it?

If your membership has been inactive for less than a year, you will need to pay the current year’s dues plus a late fee of $25 in order to reactivate your membership. If your membership has been inactive for more than a full year, you will need to pay the current year's dues plus a reinstatement fee equal to 60% of your qualifying membership dues. For either case, you can reinstate your membership quickly online by logging in and visiting the "Looking to Renew?" link on your "My Profile" page.

If you cannot log on to the website or have any further questions regarding AIEN membership, please contact the membership coordinator by e-mailing membership@aien.org.

I am a student member. How long do I qualify for student membership?

Student Membership is available to those persons who are currently enrolled in a college or university of higher learning. Applicants and renewing students must submit evidence of student status and expected graduation date, which may be in the form of a letter or other school record from the student’s college or university. All student members will automatically become active members upon graduation.

I have the correct username and password, but I do not have access to all pages on the website. Why?

If you are unable to view members-only content, this is because your membership has not yet been formally approved or your membership has lapsed. Please login and visit the "Looking to Renew?" link on your "My Profile" page to see if your membership has expired and to renew.

Please contact membership@aien.org or call the AIEN office at +1 281-558-7715 ext. 100 for assistance.

How much are AIEN Model Contracts?

Model Contracts are available free of charge for members and $185 for non-members. This fee includes the contract (in word format) and all associated documents (in pdf format).

I registered for an event, but did not attend; will I be reimbursed?

It is AIEN policy to not refund payments for regional chapter events, such as receptions and luncheons, however timely substitutions will be allowed. For all other events, please reference the cancellation/refund policy on each event web page.

Does AIEN offer corporate sponsorships?

Yes! AIEN relies upon the generous financial support of various types of organizations. Because of sponsorship, AIEN can offer an array of resources and services to its members at lower rates.

Click here to find out more information about corporate sponsorship, or contact AIEN at CorporateSponsorship@aien.org if you are interested in sponsoring.