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The AIEN (formerly AIPN) membership network of international energy professionals and experts is a vital resource for younger professionals and veteran negotiators alike. This expansive directory includes all current members by company affiliation or alphabetical listing and is a great tool for members looking to identify contact in other companies or firms, whether locally or abroad.

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The Newest Generation of Energy Negotiators

AIEN is committed to the next generation of international negotiators and believes it is important to encourage and mentor young, talented candidates in commercial energy and law programs, as well as those young professionals just beginning their careers. See the many programs AIEN offers for students and YNs.

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Education Advisory Board

AIEN’s commitment to academia is evident through its Educational Advisory Board. Composed of academics in energy, law and commercial programs, EAB members are awarded complimentary membership, discounts to events, and access to grants for research and guest speakers. They serve as a vital link that helps to spark engagement between AIEN and students.

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Message Board

Networking is a vital part of getting ahead in the energy industry, whether face-to-face or online. AIEN’s message board is a great forum to engage and interact with other members online. Ask questions, provide feedback, share experiences, and build connections with the AIEN network.

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