Student Clubs

AIEN believes it is beneficial to encourage interest in AIEN by creating student clubs at interested universities as part of student outreach. These clubs are grass root, student organizations that serve as a springboard for future AIEN Active Members.

Download the Student Membership Benefits brochure here.

AIEN Student Clubs

Houston Christian University AIEN Student Club
President: Eduardo Miranda:
Vice-president: Jason Blades:
Treasurer: Naushad Dawoodani:
Secretary: Sincletica Dias:

Rice University AIEN Student Club
President/Treasurer: Rafael Struve:
Vice President: Joyce Olewe:
Secretary: Alexandra Krus:

Rio de Janeiro State University AIEN Student Club
President: Rodrigo Jesus Neves de Paiva Navarro:
Vice-President: Layuni Soares Crespo Rocha:
Secretary: João Victor Vieira de Melo:
Treasurer: João Victor Lopes Madalena:
Marketing/Social Coordinator: Thayana Duque Estrada Cuntin:

Sciences Po AIEN Student Club
President: Siavash Barkhordar:
Vice President: Ericka Estrella:
Treasurer: Jorge Cervantes:
Secretary: Stephanie Regalia:

South Texas College of Law Houston AIEN Student Club
President: Ryan Hoeffner:
Vice President: Elena Bolonina:
Secretary: Ruben Preciado:

Texas A&M University School of Law AIEN Student Club
President: Maria-Claudia Rodriguez Defendi:
Vice-president: Ellaina Douglas:
Treasurer: James Nichols:
Secretary: Lexie Jacobson:
Marketing/Social Coordinator: Awilda Rodriguez Henriquez:
Student Organizations Outreach: Courtney Murphy:
Faculty Advisor: Professor Gina Warren:

Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law AIEN Student Club
President: Janette Uribe,
Vice President: Robbie Riehs,
Secretary: Jerry Lavespere,
Treasurer: Stanford Parrish,
Student Liaison: Albert Trevino,
Public Relations: Zain Nomani,

University of Aberdeen AIEN Student Club
President: Ilias Kazeem:
Vice President: Beverley Lamenya:
Secretary: Etta Ojong-Okongor:

University of Alberta AIEN Student Club
President: Ryan Moore:
AIEN Student Liason: Westin Newman:

University of Calgary AIEN Student Club
President: Victoria (Tori) Schmidt:
Vice President: Esha Saxena:
1L Representative: Manpreet Dhillon:

University of Dundee - Centre for Energy Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) AIEN Student Club
President: Jeremy Odor -

University of Houston AIEN Student Club
Events/Public Affairs:  Khady-Emilia Doumbia:
Treasurer: Lawson Nguyen:

University of Oklahoma College of Law AIEN Student Club
President: Justin Katusak:
Vice President: Bert Ferrara:
Treasurer: Brian Shelton:
Secretary: Elizabeth Knox:
Philanthropy Chair: Katharine O'Brien

University of Texas AIEN Student Club
President: Beau Gould:
Vice President: Luisa Davis :
Treasurer: Tony Flor :

University of Texas at Dallas AIEN Student Club
President: Ritesh Kulkarni:
President Elect: Cal Johnson:
Vice President: Salma Khatun:
Secretary: Soumya Gujjar:
Treasurer: Laura Pacheco:
Event VP: Utkarsh Pandey:

University of Tulsa AIEN Student Club
President: Crosby Garrison:
Vice President: Muneeb Yousufi:

Interested in forming a student club?

To form a Club, there must be at least ten (10) AIEN Student Members at the university (multi-disciplines encouraged). The request to form a Club should include the 10 Student Members’ names, and the name of the University and be submitted to the Student Outreach Committee and the VP Education for approval. The Chair of the Student Outreach Committee or the VP Education may ask for additional information and, when satisfied with the request, will approve the Club formation. The VP Education will report its formation to the AIEN Board.

The Club should have an officer structure with at least a President and President-Elect to allow for succession planning and continuity as students progress through the Club and graduate. These officers should ideally be filled by upper classmen or graduate students. The Club will report its current roster of officers in a timely manner to the Student Outreach Committee so it can in turn be posted on the AIEN website. Each Club is encouraged to include a faculty advisor who is a Member and a member of the Education Advisory Board, who will serve as unofficial members of its Club. All members of the Club are required to have active Student Memberships with AIEN. You can apply here and if you have any questions, please email them to AIEN encourages each Club to design its own format that best suits its on-campus situation.

Download the full Student Club Guidelines here.