AIEN Opens New Renewable Fuels Taskforce

AIEN is opening a new taskforce for enrollment that will explore how AIEN can add value to the Renewable Fuels space. The taskforce template of evaluating and identifying the risks, potential contract scoping, term sheets and eventual recommendation to the AIEN Board of Directors, has been very successful in defining where and how AIEN can add value in the broader energy industry. In application to renewable fuels, the new taskforce will consider the scope and potential model contracting required for renewable fuels, excluding any scope already covered by the Hydrogen Taskforce.

It will seek to:

• scope the boundaries of the taskforce, followed by
• mapping the contracts that relate,
• draft initial risk matrices/supporting framework considerations,
• draft term sheets for select agreements, then ultimately
• make recommendations to the AIEN Board for what should (or should not) advance to model contract drafting.

Members and non-members are invited to join online. To join, please visit your Manage Individual Profile page from the “My Profile” page and click the “My Committees and Leadership Activities” tab (site username and password required). You may select the box next to the taskforce name(s) and select “Join”.

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise in these areas. Your active participation and feedback are integral to ensuring AIEN delivers the highest-quality offerings to its members and can remain a relevant, valuable industry resource well into the future.