Live Webinar: "CCUS Taskforce Developments"

Nick Fulford, is Gas/LNG and Carbon Management Senior Director–Americas for GaffneyCline, with over 40 years of experience in the natural gas sector working on all aspects of the gas value chain from complex upstream projects, midstream and LNG export projects, LNG imports and gas to power, wholesale and retail market management, regulatory policy and trading. He is renowned as a leading Global LNG expert who has closely been involved in the US gas markets since the late 1980s and again more deeply since 2008 with the rise of the US shale gas boom. In recent years, Nick has engaged with the emerging Energy Transition impacts on energy markets globally, including CCS, offsets and net-zero LNG.

Stephen Highfield, is a Commercial Negotiator in International Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies with over 25 years industry experience including negotiating (and drafting) upstream contracts, unitizations, bid rounds, New Ventures, New Energy/Renewables (CCS, Hydrogen), M&A transactions and managing due diligence with well-developed interpersonal and communication skills.

A chartered accountant with a proven ability to manage and deliver on time and under pressure, on an individual basis, or as a member of a Joint Venture, multi-discipline team.

Daein Cha, has over 25 years of oil and gas, energy and resources industries experience combined with extensive for profit and non-profit venture start up and management experience. Daein also specializes in small-and large-scale energy business development, major capital project management, commodity sales and trading, and entrepreneurship.

Daein joined Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd in 1998 and has since served roles of increasing responsibilities including Manager of LNG procurement & trading, and Manager of LNG upstream business development. Daein joined Chevron Australia (Chevron) in 2012 as Deputy Business Manager and in 2014 as Deputy Project Manager for the Gorgon Expansion Project. He also served on the Project Leadership Team to manage the development of Chevron's Gorgon Stage 2 and Jansz-Io Compression projects.

Daein has taken on the role as the Founder and Director for Transborders Energy since November 2016, and as Founder and Director for deepC Store since August 2021.

Daein received his bachelor’s degree in management from the International Christian University (Japan), master’s in business administration (MBA) from the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration (USA), and qualification as Certified Cost Professional (CCP) of AACE International accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Speciality Boards. Daein is also a certified member of the Association of International Energy Negotiators (AIEN) and the Society of Decision Professionals.

Greg Hammond, represents parties in major M&A, Corporate Finance, Joint Venture and Projects transactions in the UK and internationally, with a particular focus on the Energy industry. He has represented Governments, public and private corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, banks and multilateral agencies.

He is particularly active in the Energy Transition as it relates to the Oil & Gas industry; advising on the origination, execution and financing of projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. This has encompassed everything from (i) Hydrogen to Hydro, (ii) Gas Monetization to Electrification, and (iii) LNG to RNG.

Greg currently sits on the New Energies Committee of the AIEN and is a member of its CCUS and Hydrogen Task Forces.

He is also (i) a past-Chairman of the African Sub-committee of AIEN (which he established and transitioned into the current self-standing Africa Regional Chapter Committee), (ii) an original member of the Oil & Gas Sector Table of the Iraqi-British Business Council, (iii) an original member of the Legal Advisory Task Force to the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, and (iv) a member of the AIEN Europe Regional Chapter Committee.

In December, Greg participated in a key Panel session at COP 28 on “Advancing Legal and Regulatory Principles for the Energy Transition”, examining some of the fundamental UNFCCC principles which drove the outcomes in the final UAE Consensus.