Europe Chapter Hybrid Event "Reaching Net Zero: The Opportunities and Challenges of Carbon Dioxide Removal"

Prof. Alexandre Strapasson (University of Brasilia) is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Sustainable Development (CDS) at the University of Brasilia (UnB). His main interests are nature-based solutions, bioeconomy, energy-water-agriculture nexus, negative emissions technology, energy policy, and system dynamics models. He is Honorary Lecturer at the Imperial College's Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) and a former Research Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at HARVARD Kennedy School . He is also a member of the Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment (HACE).

Dr. Amandine Cadiau (Stathmos-Balance the Climate) is the CEO of Stathmos-Balance the Climate, a Direct Air Capture (DAC) company. After a PhD in material science, she practiced research in the field of porous material (metal-organic framework) during 10 years in 4 different countries. Then, she was awarded a MOPGA grant (Make our planet great again -EUR 1.5 million) and got the opportunity to demonstrate the potential use of these materials for CDR. Today, she uses that knowledge to develop next-generation direct air capture technology.

Mark Preston-Aragonès (Bellona Europe) is Carbon Accounting Policy Manager at Bellona Europe. He Leads Bellona’s policy engagement on Carbon Dioxide Removal, especially in the EU, collaborating with other stakeholders to advocate for robust and coherent CDR policy. He co-leads the European and International Governance work package of the NEGEM H2020 project

Emma Jagu Schippers (CentraleSupélec) is postdoctoral researcher at the Industrial Research Department at CentraleSupélec. She completed her PhD with the CarMa chair on "Addressing Climate Change with Carbon Dioxide Removal: Insights from Industrial Economics and Cooperative Games" explored the economic incentives needed for CDR, the deployment of CCS infrastructures, and international cooperation under the Paris Agreement.