Europe Chapter Event "Key Considerations in Planning/Structuring CCUS Projects"

Kelly Ripley, joined Shell’s CCUS community as General Manager Global Commercial in May 2022. She oversees a team of commercial, valuation and marketing professionals progressing Shell’s must win CCS projects in the USA, Canada and Europe and strategic growth opportunities globally. Previously, she led an internal consulting team serving the Shell Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and their Leadership Teams to deliver business strategies globally across all business through flexible deployment of distinctive consultancy and insights capabilities. 

Kelly began her career with ExxonMobil where she worked in international tax compliance and then tax appeals/litigation after completing law school. Since joining Shell, she has held a variety of commercial and JV governance positions across businesses and geographies and led the Strategy Consultancy in the Americas.

Her Shell career highlights include working with multi-discipline teams to grow, and subsequently dilute, the unconventional and offshore portfolios in South America, leading fiscal/regulatory negotiations for deep water operations in Colombia, maximizing the Aromatics commercial margin for the Deer Park petrochemicals plant, designing and implementing creative structures with native corporations in Alaska, negotiating with the Iraqi government as senior shareholder representative of the Basrah Gas Company to resolve long term joint venture disputes, and managing flow assurance and supply chain events for GoM crude production during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kelly has been a member of AIEN since 2009.  She was a board member and Regional Director of the Middle East/North Africa region. 

Kelly studied languages, accounting, and law to support a career in international business. She is a former CPA and licensed attorney in Texas. Kelly completed an LLM in Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law.

Dr. John McLaughlin, has over 30 years energy sector experience, having worked in Europe, UK, Australia, SE Asia, and West Africa. He has been responsible for new business development, deal delivery and regional commercial management. As Executive Vice President Europe he is responsible for delivering the Acorn CCUS Project, UK and for Storegga’s interest in the Trudvang CCUS project, Norway.

Ahmed Sameh, is the Global New Energy Solutions Lead for SLB Exploration Data, the geophysical data and services arm of SLB. Over the past 17 years, Ahmed has been involved in SLB’s field operations in various countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as a Chief Field Geophysicist. His expertise lies in subsurface imaging & seismic data technology development within the domain globally. Ahmed’s focus over the past few years has been on re-adapting SLB’s subsurface seismic technologies for new energy solutions. This includes enabling industrial carbon storage at scale for CCS, better ground model work for offshore wind farms, and better subsurface understanding for geothermal energy production. Ahmed holds a BSc in Engineering from Ain Shams University in Egypt, a Master’s in Business Administration from Warwick Business School in the UK and a Certification in Negotiation Mastery from Harvard Business School. Ahmed is based in London.

Matthew Redrup, joined the Department of Energy and Climate Change in November 2010, where he worked on both energy and climate change policy. He moved to the Licensing Exploration and Development Team, which was the predecessor to the Oil and Gas Authority, in September 2013 and worked within the Commercial Team. When the Oil and Gas Authority was established in April 2015 Matt’s role moved into the new Regulator, and he became the Head of Investor Finance. More recently Matt was the Business Development Manager for the OGA’s Southern North Sea and East Irish Sea Field Team and is now the Business Development Manager in the UK Carbon Transportation and Storage Team focusing on the commercial and operational aspects of carbon transportation and storage. He holds a BA in European Studies and Modern Languages, and an MSC in European Policy, Law and Management. Matt lives in Kent with his wife and two children.

Greg Hammond, represents parties in major M&A, Corporate Finance, Joint Venture and Projects transactions in the UK and internationally – with a particular focus on the Energy industry. He has represented Governments, public and private corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, banks and multilateral agencies.

He is particularly active in the Energy Transition as it relates to the Oil & Gas industry – advising on the origination, execution and financing of opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. This has encompassed everything from Hydrogen to Hydro and LNG to RNG.

Greg currently sits on the New Energies Committee of the AIEN – and is a member of its CCUS and Hydrogen Task Forces.

He is also a past-Chairman of the African Sub-committee of AIEN (which he established and transitioned into the current self-standing Africa Regional Chapter Committee), an original member of the Oil & Gas Sector Table of the Iraqi-British Business Council, an original member of the Legal Advisory Task Force to the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, and a member of the AIEN Europe Regional Chapter Committee.