Africa Chapter Event "Local Content within the Context of Mozambique's Petroleum Industry and Legislation”

Julia Dias, Mozambican, oil and gas industry enthusiast, holds a degree in Law from Eduardo Mondlane University. During her journey in the Oil and Gas industry, she has been part of the various transformations within the sector, from Pande and Temane to Rovuma Discoveries’ & Production. 

She is currently the Legal Director of the Mozambican National Oil and Gas Company (ENH). Julia also advises the Board as the Ultimate Parent Company in relation to the entire business value chain, from exploration to delivery. She has been working with the Mozambican National Oil and Gas Company (ENH) for over 20 years.

Julia was part of the team that produced the foundations for the oil and gas legal and contractual regime for the Rovuma Basin, the Petroleum Law, its Regulations and the Contractual scheme for Mozambican oil and gas industry.

Additionally, she performs a specific project management role for ENH in Area 4, in a project that is producing LNG, with a capacity of 3.4MTPA´s in the Mozambican Rovuma basin. 

Currently, Julia participates in the discussions for the maximization of benefits from the Oil and Gas projects along the value chain in the country, evaluating the legal regime perspective that would allow for participation of the small and medium enterprises.

Júlia enjoys communicating and sharing different ideas of her vision and knowledge. In her spare time, she also enjoys sports, music, traveling, reading, and leisure activities with her family and friends.

Hassan Dassat, Sasol's Local Content Senior Manager, has more than 12 years of experience in Local Content, with a special focus on small and medium enterprise (SME) development. He worked with several extractive industry supply chain groups to improve local content development in Mozambique, such as Oil and Gas key players, Government Institutions, and Commercial Associations. He is currently leading the implementation of Sasol's Local Content Strategy, which aims to enhance the local economy's growth and transformation.

Hassan is eager to further stimulate our country's development by enhancing local businesses' capacity. He wants to see Mozambican MSMEs increasingly providing goods and services to the mining and energy industries, thereby employing, and improving the lives of Mozambican citizens.

A member of AIEN (the Association of International Energy Negotiators, ex-AIPN), the Mozambique Bar Association and a Trademark Agent, Leopoldo Amaral is an LLB graduate from Eduardo Mondlane University (2000 - Mozambique) and LLM from University of Pretoria (2002 - South Africa). He is trained in Mining, Petroleum Law and Contracts by Wits University (South Africa). He was for several years an international law lecturer at Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique) and has vast experience in consulting for public and private entities in Mozambique. From 2013 to 2020 he represented major mining and oil & gas companies in Mozambique, and lenders and sponsors on power projects.