Proposal Selected for 2021 AIPN Research Paper Grant

AIPN has chosen a proposal for the 2021 AIPN Research Paper Grant titled “Implications of ‘Net-Zero Emissions by 2050’ for the Hydrocarbon Industry: A Case Study of Selected Mature Petroleum Jurisdictions.”

The paper will be authored by Dr. Tina Soliman Hunter, Professor of Energy and Natural Resources Law at Macquarie University; Dr Madeline Taylor, Lecturer of Energy and Natural Resources Law at the University of Sydney; and Jordie Petit, Solicitor at HWL Ebsworth.

In their research, the authors seek to critically examine the legal and policy challenges and opportunities the hydrocarbon industry will face as states seek to attain their goal of net-zero carbon emissions. In order to comprehensively address this objective, the paper will undertake a detailed examination of what the challenges are, how they can be overcome, and what the impact will be on the hydrocarbon industry.

In addition, this research paper will analyze the responses of several mature petroleum jurisdictions in responding to the challenge of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the impact this has had on the hydrocarbon industry. By examining Australia, Norway, the USA and the UK, the paper will highlight how the hydrocarbon industry has responded, and the impact (both benefit and detriment) on the industry. The paper is slated for completion in April 2022.

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