Access the AIEN CCUS Taskforce White Paper

With ever more global focus on carbon management, there is increasing interest in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), from a range of industries including oil/gas, power generation and heavy industry. In 2022, AIEN responded with the creation of a Taskforce, with the ultimate goal of recommending certain model clauses, contracts or term sheets to assist in the negotiation and structuring of CO2 offtake contracts. The first step in the process was the preparation of a White Paper, setting out the key commercial, policy and regulatory features which influence the investment case governing CCUS, as well as a high level discussion on risks and risk allocation along the CCUS value chain.

This White Paper is intended as both an educational piece to help broaden commercial and contractual understanding of CCUS among AIEN membership and beyond, as well as directional guidance on how AIEN’s existing, extensive library of model contracts can be adapted to this new and growing industry.

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