2019-2020 AIPN Scholarships Awarded

Since 2009, AIPN has awarded 121 scholarships to students who possess the potential to make a significant contribution to the field of international oil and gas negotiations with academic scholarships. The 2019-2020 AIPN Scholarship Program recipients are listed below.

Elena Bolonina
School: South Texas College of Law
Major: Law
Expected Graduation: May 2020



Marlena Gutierrez
School: Southern Methodist University Law School
Major: Juris Doctorate
Expected Graduation: May 2020



William Harrison Hart
School: University of Oklahoma
Major: Energy Management/Finance
Expected Graduation: Dec 2020



Viktoriia Ishchenko
School: University of Texas School of Law
Major: LLM
Expected Graduation: May 2020



Joseph Kmetz
School: University of Denver College of Law
Major: Juris Doctorate
Expected Graduation: Dec 2019



Thomas Machell
School: University of Calgary of Law School
Major: Law
Expected Graduation: June 2020



Christian Rivera
School: University of Houston Law School
Major: Dual Degree in Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law and U.S. Law
Expected Graduation: Dec 2019