Joining a Committee

There is a different process for members and non-members to sign up for an AIEN drafting committee.  AIEN Members should click the below to join from the 'My Committees and Leadership' tab under your profile page. Non-members should submit a request via the online form. If you are already on a committee, use the buttons below to enter the committee area online.

Hydrogen Joint Development and Operating Agreement

(Co-chaired by: Elisa Botero, Gonzalo Cabrera and Drake Hernandez)

This committee has the objective of drafting an AIEN Hydrogen Joint Development & Operating Agreement (JDOA) expanding upon the foundational template established in 2023 and incorporating insights from the ongoing review of the AIEN Model Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). The purpose of the JDOA is to establish a collaborative framework between two or more parties for the joint development, implementation, and operation of hydrogen-related initiatives. This agreement aims to outline the terms, responsibilities, and procedures necessary to achieve common goals in the hydrogen sector. Acknowledging the diverse international contexts within the evolving hydrogen industry, the committee aims to create a jurisdiction-agnostic template taking elements from various legal traditions. We will place significant value on input not only from legal practitioners but also from commercial negotiators.

Hydrogen Sale and Purchase Agreement

(Co-chaired by: Zoe Bromage and Brad Zannes, supported by Ben Stafford)

The AIEN Board has approved the formation of a drafting committee to undertake the development of a definitive/long form renewable hydrogen sales and purchase agreement, embodying AIEN’s commitment to the evolving energy sector. Alongside, it will create training materials to empower professionals in this emerging field.

Gas Sales Agreement - Revision of 2006 Model Contract

(Co-chaired by: Brian Bradshaw and Bruce McLeod)

The AIEN Board has approved the formation of a drafting committee to revise the AIEN Gas Sales Agreement. The objective of this drafting committee is to provide the industry with a new model form for the long-term sale and purchase of natural gas. The draft will be based on the 2006 Model Form GSA, to reflect a balance between the interests of sellers and buyers and be capable of being used in a variety of key geographic markets.

Accounting Procedure - Revision of 2012 Model Form

(Co-chaired by: Thomas Kott and Nadine Amr)

The AIEN Board has approved the formation of a drafting committee to revise the AIEN 2012 Accounting Procedure. The committee undertaking this project will review the model form in light of practical experience with its use over the past 11 years, discuss any enhancements and clarifications that are desirable, and generally update the form. The goals of the process will include aligning the Accounting Procedure with the 2023 Model International JOA and enhancing the Accounting Procedure to address practical issues encountered among users and changes to ensure the model Accounting Procedure aligns with current practice across the industry.

Joint Operating Agreement 2023 - Brazilian User's Guide

(Co-chaired by: Patricia Arruda, Alexandre Calmon and Bernardo Castellões)

The AIEN Board has approved the formation of a drafting committee to develop Brazil-specific user’s notes for the AIEN’s 2023 Model Joint Operating Agreement. The committee undertaking this project has the objective of preparing a user’s guide that will address issues arising under Brazilian law that should be taken into account when preparing a JOA for use in Brazil and/or will be governed by Brazilian law.

LNG Sale and Purchase Agreement

(Co-chaired by: James English, Patricia Tiller, Ryan Pereira)

The newly formed LNG Sale and Purchase Agreement committee has the objective of drafting an AIEN Model Form LNG SPA. This LNG SPA will only address the sale and purchase of LNG on a long-term FOB basis, and will not address sales contemplating a DES/DAP structure. The committee will however draft guidance notes to discuss conversion of the base agreement to a DES/DAP structure. Key issues will include purchase structure, start date, term, contract quantity, pricing, price review, quality standards, destination restrictions and flexibility, force majeure, scheduling, and transportation. The Committee will generally adopt the boilerplate terms of the LNG MSA. As a general objective, the agreement will attempt to provide the LNG industry with a neutral agreement appropriate for long term buyers, producers, and portfolio aggregators.